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Cutter Adaptation

Cutter provided by Clients will be adapted on the Reference Cutter to check and confirm the Size . The Adaptation of New Cutter over the Reference Cutter could be of same or different Packaging Items (Folding Carton, SAL or PSL, IML, WAL, HTL, ABL, PBL, Pouches, Sleeves) and for Multiple SKUs.

Design Adaptation

Adaptating the Particular SKU Design to other SKUs irrespective of different Print Process (Litho, Flexo Narrow Web, Flexo Wide Web, Gravure, Screen, Tin Printing and Corrugation), Print Types (Surface and Reverse), Print Medium (Paper, Paper Boards, Flexible Plastic, Rigid Plastic etc).

White Cutout - No Printing

The Non Image area or Non Printing area (Folder gluer area, Sealing area, Area where the Ink jet printing is done to have MFD details) has to be Free of Ink / Varnish or any other solutions to have a better adhesion or Sealing.


White Separation - METPET

The METPET or Foil Board jobs of Folding Carton or Labels should have the Single or Multiple White Separation based on the requirement of Mettalic Effect and Text reproduction clarity. This coating will not fade or discolour over time.