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Enjoy The Curve of Smile - From Your File Of Ideas To Your Perfect Print Ready File



Curve of Smile

Premedia can also be termed as Conversion of Clients File Into Print Ready File.

Thus we can see how Premedia develops curve of smile for the brand, playing a significant role in ensuring packaging as most aracve means to ence the consumer effectively while ensuring safety of product as well as brand. No wonder premedia industry is replete with many global players but there are quite painstaking challenges too with which the industry is constantly struggles hard and looking for some far beer solutions to simplify these complexies.

Major steps involved in reprographics are

Colour Separations – Colours are the language of brand. For every print process and press it needs a unique colour management and colour separation skills to transfer digital image on print with accuracy. Effective colour separation not only assures consistency of brand colour but also protect colour from counterfeiting.

Retouching - A final touch up to images to ensure the image looks as beautiful and bright on print as on screen.

Prepress Files - Every press has its unique DNA. Every press has its unique characteristics. At this stage customised prepress file is documented based on the specific press tolerance and print mediums.

Trapping – To ensure registration quality and saves print quality from any post print error.

And a final comprehensive post-flight checklist to identify any potential error and to ensure The file is ready for print!