Our Expertise

We offer decoupled services in Premedia and can act as:

Your sole production department – taking your designs and adapting/localising them per channel/region requirements

In tandem with your production department – working seamlessly with your existing team to deliver your marketing and packaging requirements.

An overflow studio – aiding you in times of peak activity, when there are burst campaigns which need extra resource to meet deadlines.


You may know it as off-shoring, smart-sourcing or right-sourcing; it has many terms, but fundamentally it’s the process of producing work in studios where labour costs are cheaper, thus increasing profit margins.

We know there is some stigma of sending work overseas. Internally, the idea of being unable to look over the work in progress, chat to the designer and provide additional input, is the first barrier. Moving work to a different level in a building, or across the street poses similar challenges, which many undertake, but how far does the distance have to be before this personal overseeing stops?

Another perception in this shift of work is that control has been lost, but has it?

The global Covid pandemic has demonstrated that remote working is not only feasible and easily achieved, but can be exploited to a company’s and employees benefit.

By decoupling your design and production processes, it becomes easier to move the differing aspects of your business to leverage best in class talent and more advantageous pricing.

Through our network of global client partners we are able to effectively manage and deliver large scale projects on your behalf, undertaking all work from our global creative studio based in India, which operates 24/7 come rain, or shine or pandemic.

We have decades of experience in this area with most leading global brands within the FMCG, financial and medical services areas.